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Disable Right Click (Free) v1.0

This  Widget disables the right click in your web pages (single or multiple pages). Disabling Right Clicking is useful to avoid average users from downloading your images, code or other contents. If you have copyrighted images published on your website, now you can protect them from image theft. You can disable right click on your website and make it more difficult for an average user to steal your image. Note: advanced users will be able to work around this, via disabling Javascript whilst viewing your site, or retrieving your image through other methods and plug-ins. There is no way to completely stop people from stealing your images, but this widget will discourage them and prevent image theft.

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Try saving one of the pictures of this page. You can’t that is because this page uses the Xara Widget “Disable Right Click”. If you want to protect your content, get this widget now, simply download and insert it onto your page.

Get it on XaraMarketplace Now

Disabled right click

Try to download these images,

you can’t right click it thanks to

Disable right click widget.